Lançamento do Sistema de Previsões baseado em Inteligência Artificial da I Know First para a Bolsa de Valores Brasileira – Superando o IBOVESPA

Em 1o de Agosto de 2017, a I Know First finalizou a implementação e o período de treinamento do seu sistema de ranking e previsões baseado em Inteligência Artificial para as principais ações listadas na Bolsa de Valores Brasileira, Bovespa. Nesta data, a primeira previsão de uma ação brasileira foi publicada aos investidores inscritos no mercado local.

Machine Learning Algorithms: Making Computers Smarter

Computers are no longer dumb. With advancement in artificial intelligence and more specific fields of studies, such as machine learning algorithms, programs are created that are sufficiently supporting a decision-making process in a complex environment. Using tools as expert systems, artificial neural networks, and genetic algorithms, computers are now able to perform tasks supporting vast range of human activities from petroleum play analysis to stock market forecasting.

Machine Learning Algorithms at Your Fingertips

What is Machine Learning?

The origins of machine learning algorithms date back to the time, when the very first computers were constructed. The idea of computers with an ability to learn without being explicitly programmed was first fulfilled by Arthur Samuel in 1952, who wrote a program that achieved to play checkers after gaining experience by playing tens of thousands games with itself. However a far better known computer program developed in 60s is ELIZA, a rule-based system able to perform a conversation with a human about his life. Although the overall performance of ELIZA was disappointing, some people actually mistook ELIZA for a human. After more than 50 years of research, machine learning evolved in the field of study with number of practical applications. Many of these we use on daily basis, such as filtering spam in our mailboxes. read more